Rotten Cotton

Nasty Nick Cotton is to show his evil streak again — when he tries to SELL his daughter to his MUM.

The twisted murderer stunned Dot on Christmas Day when he arrived at her door with Dotty, eight, claiming to be a changed man.

But it was on the cards he’d soon be chasing the windfall chain-smoking Dot pocketed thanks to lovable grandson Bradley.

And when Nick offers to sell Dotty God-fearing Dot is stunned.

A source said: “She’s horrified when Nick tells her Dotty is for sale. He shows no emotion and his evil grin sends shivers down her spine.

“She always knew Nick would sell his soul for the price of some pick ’n mix but she had no idea he’d sell his own daughter.”

Convicted killer Nick has previously tried to poison Dot.

She disowned him after realising he was to blame for the death of his son, Ashley.

For the last few years he’s been in prison on drugs charges.

The source said: “Poor Dot didn’t think Nick could still shock her but this rocks her to her core and even religion doesn’t comfort her.”

Dot has so far used the cash Bradley refused to take off love-rat dad Max to fund the Walford Christmas lights and a new church roof.

The source said: “She wants to use it for good, not give it to a snake like Nick. But Dot can’t say no to Nick and she’s about to make a huge mistake.”

The shock scenes air in February.

Source - The Sun


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