Sad Gary In Suicide Riddle

Police fear heartbroken grease monkey Garry Hobbs has committed suicide after sex kitten Dawn Swann knocks back his marriage proposal.

The devastated mechanic flees Walford in a stolen car that is later discovered perching on the edge of the cliffs at Dover. Garry is nowhere to be seen and, worried that he has jumped to his death, the police launch a huge search and rescue mission as his friends and family wait nervously back in the Square.

The drama kicks off next month when Garry decides he cannot hide his feelings for the single mum any longer. So he takes Dawn out for dinner and pops the question. But the babe knocks him back, claiming they can never be more than good friends.

Garry is gutted by the snub and disappears, with Dawn thinking he has just gone off to lick his wounds. But she is in for a nasty surprise when concerned police turn up in Walford.

A show insider said: “Everyone knows that Garry has been in love with Dawn for years.“He’s got to breaking point and sadly it doesn’t go as he planned.“Naturally he’s gutted and we can only hope he hasn’t done something really stupid.”

Source - Daily Star


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