Sam to wed 'on off' love

EastEnders star Samantha Janus is to marry her long-term partner Mark Womack. The couple, who have been together ten years, are planning an intimate spring ceremony joined by their two children Ben, eight, and Lily-Rose, three.

Sam — Ronnie Mitchell in the BBC1 soap — and actor Mark, have had a fiery romance since meeting on the set of BBC cop show Liverpool 1 in 1999.

Both were married to other people at the time. Sam and Mark split two years ago, but they were soon reunited.

Sam, who was married to Italian Junfan Mantovani, revealed Mark had first popped the question soon after they met.

She said: “We were at a Paris flea market and he said, ‘Do you want one of these rings?’ I said, ‘Is that a proposal?’ and he said, ‘Yes’.

“I said, ‘All right’. Then nothing happened and it got put to one side. So it doesn’t count any more. You have to start again from scratch.

Sam said she “fantasises” about their wedding and longed for a romantic proposal.

But a pal said: “They just decided this will be the year they finally married.

“They love each other and have two beautiful kids so there was no big proposal. They just thought it was the right time.”

Source - The Sun


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