Spoilers for 2-6 February 2009

Monday 2 February 2009
Darren has his eye on a business opportunity at the car lot, in tonight's first visit of the week to Albert Square, but he's not the only one.

Elsewhere in the Square, food and cross words fly as Zainab and Jane vie for kitchen space. And Peggy has a surprise for Archie, while Ronnie is in a quandary as Danielle's final appointment draws near.

Tuesday 3 February 2009
Ronnie reassures Danielle that she will be at her appointment to support her , in today's visit to Albert Square.

Meanwhile, Janine tries to encourage Darren to come and work for her but he's not interested.

Elsewhere, Ian is suspicious of Linda's condition and intends to catch her out.

Thursday 5 February 2009
Darren's financial troubles drive him to desperate measures in tonight's visit to Albert Square, while Whitney receives some terrible news.

Elsewhere, Danielle and Ronnie face going to the clinic together.

Friday 6 February 2009
Bradley is devastated when he realises his dog, Gumbo, is missing.

Meanwhile, Danielle is determined to tell Ronnie the truth once and for all, but Ronnie appears to have come to a decision of her own.

Later, Bianca makes a shocking confession.

Source - BBC Press Office


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