Two new arrivals for Bradley

EastEnders' resident Mr Nice Guy Bradley Branning is in for a couple of treats over the next few weeks when two new arrivals wander into his Walford life. First up, Bradley comes face-to-face with a huge St Bernard called Gumbo.

The dog's owner, Don, leaves Gumbo in Bradley's capable hands. When Max hears Bradley arrive home with a visitor, he finds it hilarious that all his son's managed to pull is a dog. Literally.

Then early next month, as he tries to come to terms with Gumbo intruding on his life, Bradley loses his canine companion and ends up meeting Syd Chambers, played by 'Enders newcomer Nina Toussaint-White. Fortunately, Bradley tracks down Gumbo at the same time - he's been lording it up in the park with Syd's crossbreed, Sugar.

Is this love at first sight for Bradley (and Gumbo)? Or does Bradley only have a place for Stacey in his heart of hearts?

Source - Digital Spy - Soap Scoop


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