All-black Square

Tonight's EastEnders will feature an all-black cast for the first time.

The BBC has not advertised the fact the episode will not include a white character for the first time in the soap’s 23 years.

But The Sun has seen a recording and can reveal it revolves around the Trueman family, without a word from a non-black barmaid, shopkeeper or passer-by.

The Albert Square script includes references to civil rights leader Martin Luther King, “coloureds”, “negroes” and the racist 1950s slogan Keep Britain White. The episode starts with Chelsea, played by Tiana Benjamin, going on a date with Theo, who claims to be researching a book about the 1958 Notting Hill race riots.

She discovers through him that Patrick was arrested on an assault charge during the violence and tries to quiz him about it. He then reflects on the racism he encountered when he first arrived in Britain. At one stage it is said that things have improved for black people in Britain and there is less racism.

But Chelsea says: “Have they? It’s still there, though. It might not be as obvious as it once was, but we all know.”

Most of the episode is set at the Truemans’ house, but even scenes in the cafe and the Queen Vic do not include shots of white characters.

An insider said: “The Trueman family do have strong storylines at the moment, but this is more than that. It’s clearly very much a deliberate decision to have an all-black cast. But the question is, why? And why not publicise it?

“If you’re going to make a deliberately political statement by doing this, at least have the balls to announce it first.

“It’s almost as if they changed their mind.”

A synopsis of the episode on the BBC’s website does not mention the issue of race.

Source - The Sun


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