Carry On EastEnders

Peggy Mitchell is in for a shock in EastEnders next week when she unwittingly unveils a pin-up photograph of herself dressed in a corset to the local press.

The Queen Vic landlady, played by Barbara Windsor, is running for Walford Council and has invited journalists to her pub to see her accepting a cheque for charity.

But scheming Janine Butcher swaps it for a photo of young Peggy back in the 1960s, dressed in a racy corset.

There are mixed reactions from the revellers in the pub, but Janine, whose late father Frank used to be married to Peggy, is delighted by her prank.

While people may recall Windsor cavorting around in skimpy attire in her Carry On film days, viewers are likely to be amused by mouthy Peggy's reaction after she reveals the racy picture.

The scenes will be screened on BBC1 next Tuesday and the matriarch's former rival Pat Evans is also present to witness Peggy's embarrassment.

Peggy is standing as an independent candidate for Walford council after deciding to exercise her civic duty.

The busybody strongly objects to the opening of a massage parlour in the area and is standing in the local elections in the hope she can help put a stop to it.

If it is given the go-ahead, the parlour would open near her beloved pub which she sees as a threat to to community life.

A BBC spokeswoman said of the storyline: 'We wanted a story that allowed Peggy to fight for what she believes in, and we felt that running for local government afforded her the platform to speak passionately and proudly about the community.

'She was spurred into action by her perception that the strong family and community that drew her and others to Walford was being eroded.'

The scenes will be screened on BBC1 next Tuesday at 7.30pm

Source - Daily Mail


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