Charlie Brooks Gives Up On Love

Charlie Brooks says she's given up looking for 'Mr Right'.

The 'EastEnders' actress admits her unlucky experiences in love have lead her to take a break from trying to find romance.

Charlie, said: "I'm just a bit disillusioned with the whole idea. I was engaged to my ex, Tony, who I honestly believed was 'The One' and it turned out we weren't right for each other.

"I now wonder how you'd ever know you'd really met Mr Right. But for the moment I'm happy to give my daughter Kiki my undivided attention."

Charlie gave birth to daughter Kiki, four, with former partner Tony Truman in 2004.

Charlie added her character in the soap, Janine, is also in need of a new man, and hopes producers introduce a new love for her soon.

She recently told website Digitalspy: "I think we should have a big casting call with lots of handsome men and bring in somebody new. Janine's got a healthy appetite as a maneater!"

Source - Virgin Media


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