Dawns Shock admission at Garry's Memorial Service!

Dawn's hit for six when she gives a speech at a memorial service for Garry - and he turns up in the middle of it!

Garry's gobsmacked too, as he walks in to hear Dawn say she'd always loved him.

The pair end up sleeping together, before sharing a romantic breakfast!

The week begins with the Square's residents in shock, following the news that the missing mechanic's car had been left at a notorious suicide spot.

"At first, Dawn thinks Garry's just gone off on a bender because she turned his latest marriage proposal down," says Kara Tointon, who plays Dawn. "Even when the police find his car, she still doesn't believe he'd do anything to harm himself.

"But then Darren tells her Garry left a message on the answerphone saying he would always love her, and Minty reveals Garry tried to kill himself once before.

"She is in shock, because she's already lost so many people. And she is angry with Garry, thinking, 'How could he leave me when I still need him?'

Dawn decides to stage a celebration of Garry's life in The Vic, but struggles to come up with what she wants to say.

"In her speech, she admits she loved Garry and is sorry she realised it too late," reveals Kara. "Then, lo and behold, she turns around and there he is!"

Understandably wary after being kept dangling by Dawn in the past, Garry gives her an ultimatum ­ either they become a proper couple, or he'll leave again the next day.

"Dawn realises not many people get second chances," adds Kara. "So she goes to find him - and they finally get together!"

Source - The Sun


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