Heather's hot to Trott

Heather goes hell for leather when a hot young man tries it on with her.

Larger-than-life Heather Trott had been partying in the R&R with Shirley Carter when she spots her cheating but affable ex-husband Minty.

Determined not to let him get to her, Heather tells her best friend that she's over Minty and ready to move on.

As if answering her prayers, a hunky chap who introduces himself as Eddie starts dancing around Heather and entices her in a steamy embrace.

Heather is about to leave with Eddie when Dawn stops her to say that Shirley hired an escort for the night to make Heather feel better.

Shirley feels even worse when Heather flees the scene and another man asks for his £70 fee - meaning Eddie was the real deal.

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Watch Heather and Shirley fight on Friday February 13 at 8pm, BBC One.

Source - The Sun


Anonymous said…
It's about time we get a nice story line for Heather bring back Eddie I say. Let's have a happy ending on Eastenders for once!

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