Lauren Crace on Danielle's dilemma

Actress Lauren Crace has answered the question on the lips of many EastEnders fans: why hasn't her character Danielle told Ronnie she's her daughter?

This week, soap viewers saw the shy teen admit the truth to Stacey, and on Friday she was all set to tell Ronnie too, until the Mitchell refused to come with her to a second appointment at the abortion clinic.

Speaking about Danielle's dilemma to the BBC EastEnders website, Lauren said: "She's hurt and distraught and feels very let down. She was so chuffed to finally have her support so this completely crushes her."

Now fans are wondering if Danielle will ever find the courage to come clean about their relationship.

Lauren admits the signs don't look good. She says: "This has been a step back for Danielle and she probably feels less willing to tell Ronnie the truth than before."
However, as we all know, even the darkest Walford secrets have a habit of coming to light.

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Source - MSN


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