Lawrence reveals 'EastEnders' nerves

EastEnders newcomer Josie Lawrence has revealed that she felt nervous and star-struck during her first day on set.

The 49-year-old actress signed up to play Manda Best, a childhood sweetheart of Phil Mitchell, in January.

"[It was] so nerve-wracking. It was like the first day of school," Lawrence told We Love Telly! magazine. "My character wears these big glasses and they completely steamed up every time I said a line.

"I've watched the soap since it started so it was surreal walking on to the Square, I felt like I should have my pyjamas on and I was dreaming."

Lawrence added that she had lunch with June Brown and Barbara Windsor on her first day, but felt "star-struck" throughout.

Asked about Manda's future, she replied: "It's weird playing a part when you don't know what happens to the character. I could ride off on my bike into the sunset, but grisly ends are much more fun."

Source - Digital Spy


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