Rolan on role

The latest addition to the EastEnders cast, Rolan Bell - aka Theo Kelly - is set to make waves among the Albert Square residents, but how has landing the part gone down among his own family?

"They've been over the moon," Bell admitted to Digital Spy. "The funny thing is, they always used to joke about me going into EastEnders and taking on Sean Slater! Or me turning up on the Square and telling someone that I'm their son!"

He went on: "I auditioned for EastEnders a few years ago when I'd just left drama school and, quite luckily, I didn't get the part because it was only a small walk-on role. When the audition for Theo came up, I just went for it and gave it all I could. I kept it quiet from the family at first because I didn't want them to be worrying.

"And then when I got the call to say I'd got the part, I went downstairs to tell my mum and it was the first time I'd seen her jump up and down for joy!"

As for staying in the soap long term, Rolan replied: "You'll just have to keep watching to see where the storyline takes me."

Source - MSN


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