Spoiler: Bianca's birthday secret

EastEnders' Bianca Jackson is set to reveal Ricky could be the father of her daughter Tiffany.

The single mother-of-four makes the shocking confession at Tiffany's sixth birthday party on Friday night's show.

Tiffany blows out the candles on her birthday cake and tells Bianca that she wished Ricky could be her daddy.

She says: "I really love Ricky."

Shirley is touched by the scenes and says: "Look at them, he could almost be her dad."

And Bianca reveals: "Yeah, he could. Six years, nine months..."
Shirley asks if Ricky knows but Bianca just shakes her head.

The couple were married in 1997 but split up two years later when Bianca has an affair with her mum Carol's boyfriend, Dan Sullivan.

They have a son Liam together, and Bianca also has older stepdaughter Whitney and younger son Morgan.

Source MSN


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