Spoiler: Garry set for a shock

Fans of EastEnders regular Garry Hobbs will be full of sympathy next week, as the lovelorn chap pops the question (again) to girl-of-his-dreams Dawn Swann.

Unsurprisingly, she says no, but what happens next wrong-foots everyone. Actor Ricky Groves, the man behind the character, told Digital Spy: "As always, he thinks he's on a winner and really, he isn't. The next thing you know, he's back to being depressed and decides to take a break from it all.

"He takes one of the cars from the Arches and then the police find it at a well-known, unseen suicide spot. Because Garry tried to commit suicide before, people assume the worst back on the Square."

But it seems the heartbroken chap had just decided to nip across to France and promptly returns to Albert Square and gets a nasty shock.

Ricky revealed: "He walks in on his own wake!

"People like Peggy and Phil are saying kind things about him and then there's Dawn who says that she thinks she loved him - that's the moment when Garry walks in..."

Source - MSN

Here For Ricky Groves aka Garry Hobbs Interview With Digital Spy


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