Upset Dani Left Crying

Teen Danielle Jones is left on the brink over her family hell.

Returning from a visit to see her dad in Telford desperate Danielle, who has just gone through an abortion, tries to insist that everything is fine.

But her pal Stacey sees the pain in her face and realises something’s up.

She asks Danielle – who still hasn’t told Ronnie Mitchell she’s her long-lost ­daughter – to help out on the stall.
Later the girls decide to hit the town to try to cheer themselves up. And they are drinking in the Queen Vic when Peggy comes over for a chat.

She tells Danielle she and Archie have had a change of heart and they want Danielle to have her cleaning job back. But despite the good news a drunk Danielle suddenly breaks down and starts sobbing while a confused Peggy looks on.

An insider said: “Danielle is ushered outside by Stacey, where she reveals all about her visit to her dad.

“She says she feels she should never have told her dad about the baby and ­really regrets her decision.

“Her dad is so upset he will never let her return home.“She tells Stacey she can never go back now and that she’s on her own…forever.”

The dramatic episode will be screened a week tomorrow on BBC1.
Source - Daily Star


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