Belinda Owusu's 'Friends' Shock

'EastEnders' actress Belinda Owusu "nearly fell off her seat" the first time she saw her hero, David Schwimmer.

Belinda, who plays geeky teenager Libby Fox in 'EastEnders', is a massive fan of the US sitcom 'Friends' and was stunned the first time she saw actor David Schwimmer - who starred as Ross Geller in the show - in real life.

She said: "When I went to the National Television Awards or the first time, David Schwimmer came out to present an award and I nearly fell off my seat. I think I'd probably faint if I met him. I'd be one of those weirdo fans who passes out in front of a big celebrity."

She added that on the set of 'EastEnders' she likes to do impressions of the characters with fellow cast member Charlie G Hawkins, who plays Darren Miller in the soap.

Belinda continued: "We kid around all the time because we're both big 'Friends' fans. We can spend hours doing impressions of the characters. He reckons he knows 'Friends' better than I do, but I swear he doesn't."
Source - Virgin Media


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