Bradley's credit crunch

Is the recession about to take its toll in Walford?

Bradley looks set to feel the credit crunch as he loses his job as an estate agent. Not only is the normally responsible lad left wondering how he'll pay his rent, he's also afraid it will ruin his budding romance with fellow dog owner Syd.

However, Max thinks he's got the perfect solution - just lie to her.

Naturally, after the whole Stacey affair, Bradley is reluctant to take romantic advice from his dad, but when Syd tells him how nice it is to be finally dating a decent bloke with a steady job, he thinks Max might have been on to something.

Unfortunately, it doesn't look like he's going to be able to maintain the deception for long when she asks him to take her out for dinner, so he decides to come clean.

Is he about to have his heart broken again, or will Syd prove more understanding?

Source - MSN


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