Danielle Goes Ballistic at Stacey's medding

Stacey gets a huge fright when Danielle flies into a rage saying she'll rip her head off!

The usually timid teen attacks her pal after Paul talks to her about the abortion ­ and Stacey threatens to reveal to Ronnie that she is Danielle's mum!

The drama unfolds as Danielle and Stacey row after meeting Paul at R&R.

Danielle drags Stacey into the loos, saying she had no right to tell him about the termination.
"When Stacey told Paul, she wasn't really thinking about Danielle or her feelings," says Lacey Turner, who plays Stacey.

As the girls continue to argue, Stacey says she's fed up of listening to Danielle cry all the time and is going to tell Ronnie that Danielle is the baby daughter that was taken away from her for adoption.

Danielle reacts furiously, throwing Stacey up against the wall and shouting that if she goes near her mum again she'll "rip her head off!"

Her mate's out-of-character rant hits Stacey hard.

"For the past few months, Stacey has been worrying about everyone ­ her mum, Sean and Danielle," adds Lacey. "And now it's having an impact on her life."

Source - The Sun


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