Dani's Threatened As Grandad Gets Nasty

Archie Mitchell plays dirty to get rid of grand-daughter Danielle Jones and stop her revealing who she really is.

Peggy’s husband squares up to Ronnie’s secret daughter in a nasty confrontation.

He then warns her to get out of town – before he forces her to go.

Our Walford insider said: “At this point Archie is desperate to make sure his web of lies about Danielle doesn’t unravel.

“That would ruin the family he’s worked hard to get on side.
“Him and Ronnie have just begun to get on after years of being arch enemies.

“She never really forgave him for forcing her to give up her baby.

“But recently she’s begun to accept him again and is even considering going to the wedding. If Danielle tells Ronnie who she really is then he stands to lose everything.

“Basically it’s him or her and the viewers will be left in no doubt that he’ll stop at nothing to finally see the back of her.”

Although Danielle at first heeds Archie’s warning and heads home, quitting Walford, she later changes her mind.

Our source said: “Archie tells more lies in an effort to stop Danielle confessing all about her past.

“He says that Ronnie has threatened to kill herself if her adopted daughter ever shows up.

“But he has also told Ronnie that her adopted daughter has died.“For Archie, Danielle is like a ticking time-bomb who’s ready to explode at any point.”

Viewers can see what Danielle eventually decides to do on Monday 23 March on BBC1.
Source - Daily Star


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