Dyer: I want to be a nice EastEnder

Danny Dyer has revealed he is hoping to be cast as a good guy in EastEnders.

The Football Factory actor admitted to New! magazine the rumours are true about him meeting with soap bosses to discuss a possible role in Albert Square, but he would prefer not to play another tough guy.

Danny said: "I love the show and yeah, we have had a few meetings. Ideally I'd love to play against type and not always be the hard man, but it's all down to casting and how they see you really."

The Sun reported earlier this month that the 31-year-old actor has had talks with BBC drama boss John Yorke.

An insider told the paper the actor is "ideal for EastEnders", adding: "He's actually from the East End - and still lives there - and he's got the whole geezer thing going on."

Danny has also appeared in shows such as Hotel Babylon and Skins and his movie credits include Human Traffic and Adulthood.

Source - MSN


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