Ian's a proper Twitter

Geeky EastEnders legend Adam Woodyatt is so obsessed with Twitter he is trying to SHAME his soap star pals into joining the networking site.

The technology-loving actor, who plays chip shop owner Ian Beale, was fed up with co-stars refusing to sign up.

So he has been getting his mates on the BBC1 soap to hold up a piece of paper saying “I’m not on Twitter” for a photo — then posting the snaps on his site.

As a result the hapless stars have been bombarded with letters from fans demanding they join up to the web phenomenon.

One EastEnders insider said: “Adam is totally obsessed with Twitter and he can’t get enough of it.

“Some of the guys just don’t understand who or what he’s on about when he sends messages from his mobile phone or computer.

“Most cannot be bothered signing up to Twitter because they don’t have the time. But they are all very bemused by Adam pouncing on them with these pieces of paper saying they’re not on it.”
The source added: “They’ve taken it all in good heart and gone through with his little whim — but now there’s been loads of Twitter users begging the stars to join. Hopefully Adam’s persistence might persuade them.”

Those who have so far fallen “victim” to Adam’s one-man crusade include Ricky Groves, who plays Garry Hobbs, Scott Maslen, who plays nightclub boss Jack Branning and Samantha Janus, who plays glamorous businesswoman Ronnie Mitchell.

Jake Wood, who stars as evil Max Branning, and Cliff Parisi, who plays mechanic Minty Peterson, have also found themselves advertising their anti-Twitter stance on Adam’s page on the site.

Twitter allows users to send and read short instant updates about each other’s lives on the web or their phones.

Source - The Sun


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