Kalidas 'overwhelmed' by first day at 'Enders

Bend It Like Beckham actress Preeya Kalidas has described how overwhelming it was to step on the EastEnders set for the first time.

The 29-year-old recently signed to play the snobby socialite girlfriend of the as-yet-unseen Syed Masood, who is to be portrayed by Marc Elliot.

Speaking about her first day, she told BBC Asian Network: "It was weird the first day going onto the Square - it's kind of overwhelming. It's a national treasure, it's the nation's best-loved show so to be part of that is just amazing.

"I'm quite nervous actually because it's a whole different way of working. I went in for rehearsals and had a talk from the director who gave me a whole lowdown on how and what the process is.

"It's such an institution and I watched EastEnders when I was growing up. It's so weird because my family still watch it. I have to admit, I haven't seen it for a while but it's one of those programmes you can dip in and out of and you kind of get into it."

When asked whether she hopes to see more Asian characters in Walford, she added: "Why not?! There's so much to represent within our communities."

Source - Digital Spy


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