Lauren's Trial Of Fear

It's judgment day as Lauren Branning stands trial for the attempted murder of her dad.

She is petrified she will be found guilty. Our insider said: “Things go from bad to worse when Max, Tanya and Lauren’s boyfriend Peter Beale testify against her.

“Tanya previously tried to make the ultimate sacrifice for her daughter by saying she did it. But with the trial under way the distraught mum is unsure whether to tell the truth or lie to protect Lauren.

“Max, on the other hand, is determined to do anything in his power to make sure his little girl gets off.

“With all the sordid details about Max and Stacey Slater’s affair being brought out again, Max tries to convince Stacey to lie in court with him. He blames himself for Lauren being in this mess and he will never forgive himself if she goes down.”

The action-packed trial will go on all week as Lauren’s fate hangs in the balance.

See the trial start on Tuesday 7 April on BBC1.

Source - Daily Star


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