Make My Danielle Role Less Of A Bore

EastEnders actress Lauren Crace has pleaded with her soap bosses to make her character Danielle Jones less BORING.

The newcomer, 22, revealed she pleaded for drama to be injected into her role.

Lauren said last night: “In the script, I kept reading ‘Danielle says shyly’ or ‘Danielle acts naively’. It got really boring for me.

“She doesn’t do much — she is very passive and it can be quite depressing to play that five days a week. And she is a Mitchell, after all.

“I told the producer she should stand up for herself more — and that is just starting to happen.

“I have some great scenes coming up when she has really good arguments with Archie. She is not a little mouse any more.”

Lauren has been in the BBC1 soap for more than six months and has become a key character.
She was brought in by show boss Diederick Santer, who said at the time he wanted to give the actress some exciting work.

He added: “I’m delighted she is making her professional debut with us, at the start of what I’m sure will be an accomplished career.”

Danielle is currently involved in a big storyline that this week will see Archie Mitchell discover she is his granddaughter.

Source - The Sun


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