Natalie not ready for Enders return

Natalie Cassidy has said she is not ready to return to EastEnders yet.

The 25-year-old actress left the BBC soap in 2007 after 14 years playing Sonia. She first appeared in the show when she was just ten years old.

Natalie said: "I don't know if I'll go back really, never say never I suppose. But at the moment I'd like to try my hand at some more stuff, you know. Presenting stuff and other stuff. I was there a long time so at the moment it's a no. But never say never."

The actress is currently presenting her own documentary show Natalie Cassidy's Real Britain on BBC Three, but she promises it does not mark the end of her acting career.

She said: "No, no God no. I hope not! It's just another string to my bow I suppose. I love presenting. It comes quite naturally to me, I can talk to anyone and I don't really care about being filmed, I'm not aware of cameras, I just get on with it. Which I think is quite nice. So it's just me wandering along really, talking to people."

Natalie would like to be cast in a costume drama.

She said: "I'd love love love to do a period drama really. Do one of those lovely costume drama where I get to put a bonnet on."

- Natalie Cassidy's Real Britain begins on BBC Three tonight (Thursday) at 8pm.
Source - MSN


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