New 'totty' on EastEnders set

The set of EastEnders has apparently been rocked by an influx of attractive young men, including a new doctor for the Square.

Not only has Marc Elliot arrived to play Syed Masood but newcomer Adam Croasdell has been enlisted as Dr Legg and Dr Truman's successor, Dr Jenkins.

"There's an influx of three or four very handsome men on set and all the women - who are mostly in their thirties and forties and above - are saying 'Hurrah - totty on set!'" a source said.

This delivery of new talent has also perked up the cast.

"There's a bunch of new people. It's new blood which brings a bit of life to the set. The actors can get pretty bored between scenes so they get overexcited when anyone new turns up," the source continued.

Adam will appear on screen in late April, while Marc turns up in May.

Source - MSN


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