Nice day for a Walford wedding

EastEnders fans should prepare for some huge surprises as Peggy and Archie's wedding day finally arrives in a special, hour-long episode.

Viewers know that the groom has been spending the past few months subtly manipulating his bride-to-be, changing her dress sense and convincing her not to stand for the local council in the process.

As her big day dawns, Peggy finally remembers she used to have a mind of her own, and ditches the frumpy outfit Archie had picked out for her, turning up at the church in a dress she chose herself.

However, the biggest hitch occurs back at The Vic, where an increasingly emotional Danielle finally tells Ronnie she's her daughter.

It's a revelation that's set to have huge consequences for more than one Mitchell, but will it finally lead Peggy to see Archie for what he really is?

The special episode airs on Thursday 2 April .

Source - MSN


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