Nina: Syed could be Zainab's lover

Nina Wadia has joked that Marc Elliot should play her lover rather than her son on EastEnders.

Marc arrives on our screens in May as Syed, the Masoods' prodigal son - and the favourite of Nina's character Zainab.

"I'm not that much older than him and he's playing a 24-year-old, I know I look old on screen but this is ridiculous!" she said.

Nina joked that she had even started to spread rumours on set about a romantic plotline between the two.

"We've decided amongst ourselves that there should be an incest storyline at some point. We spread that rumour around the set because it's so hysterical. We have a laugh with that stuff.

"He's so naughty because I just can't stop laughing. We're in so much trouble all the time. We're uncontrollable," she said.

Source - MSN


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