Parent Trap In Albert SQ

Life couldn't be sweeter for Archie - he's about to marry Peggy and he's closer to daughter Ronnie than he's been in years.

But his joy is under threat as the web of lies he's spun unravels when Danielle orders him to tell Ronnie she's her child or she'll do it!

Having lied to Ronnie that the daughter she gave up for adoption died, Archie is worried about how she'll react if she finds out who Danielle is.

But what is he prepared to do to stop the truth coming out?

"He is terrified," says Larry Lamb, who plays Archie. "If Danielle reveals who she really is, it will expose Archie's lies. He knows she is a ticking time-bomb." Archie tries to fob Danielle off by warning her Ronnie once said she'd kill herself if her daughter came to find her.

But the teen is determined to tell her mum the truth.

For Archie, her timing is terrible, as his wedding is next week and lately he and Ronnie have been getting on much better.

"Archie is focused on winning Ronnie's trust back," adds Larry. "So not only is she going to find out she has a daughter who Archie has been hiding, but also that their reconciliation has meant nothing."

The situation comes to a head when, while babysitting Amy, Danielle puts the locket Ronnie gave her as a baby onto the tot ­ and forgets to take it off.

When Archie spots it, he hits the roof. But as he lays into her, Danielle snaps ­and gives him ultimatum!

"When the truth is out, everything could be ruined for Archie," says Larry.

"He can't afford for her to reveal who she is." But how far will Archie go to keep Danielle quiet?

"Well," reveals Larry, "as the viewers will find out quite a long way!"

Source - The Sun


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