Peggy Mitchell's fall from grace

Peggy Mitchell has a knock back when she collapses on the floor after giving a rousing political speech in Walford.

The mouthy matriach, played by Barbara Windsor, is lifted when Ronnie turns up to support her at a local debate, despite earlier accusing Peggy of caring more about politics than her family.

Battleaxe Peg decided to run for the local council elections after becoming incensed by the introduction of a nearby massage parlour.

After her rousing speech against rival opposition leader Mohinder, Peggy, Ronnie and pal Dot head back to The Vic for a knees up with Peggy's other half Archie.

Back at The Vic, proud Archie pulls his pals around to praise her political finese and is in full swing when he notices Peggy ailing at the back.

The bouffant-haired blonde soon wavers and then collapses to the floor, much to the shock of Ronnie, Archie and her friends.

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Watch Peggy's fall on Monday 16 March, 8pm, BBC One.

Source - The Sun


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