Peggy's political career stumbles

Peggy Mitchell's campaign to be elected councillor in EastEnders hits a stumbling block next week.

On Tuesday, the landlady is mortified when the local paper prints a photo of her from the days when she worked as go-go dancer in a 60s club.

So, when she discovers the massage parlour is going to be raided by the police, the aspiring politician sees a chance to reassert her standing as family values campaigner and invites the press along for a photo opportunity.

Unfortunately for her, Ronnie and Roxy just happen to be having a catfight outside the premises when the coppers descend, and are arrested on suspicion of being prostitutes - and thanks to Peggy, a photographer is on hand to capture the moment.

Perhaps the Mitchell shouldn't have been so quick to dismiss Janine's offer to be her spin doctor after all.

Source - MSN


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