Pole Dancer Tiana Benjamin

The actress, who plays Chelsea Fox in the show, says she's taken to sexy dancing as a way of working out.

She said: "I've got into pole dancing in a big way. It's really good exercise. These days it's not weird to have a pole in your front room, so I've decided to go ahead and buy one."

She says her hobby has also helped her moves on the dancefloor, and she now can't stop herself when she's out in clubs.

Tiana added: "I'm crazy on the dancefloor. If there's a good tune playing I can't keep still!"

Her co-star in the soap, Cheryl Ferguson, says she spends her time away from the soap rocking out, and is a keen guitarist.

Cheryl said: "I have my dining room set up as a music room and I spend my time playing, writing and singing. I've got acoustic and electric guitars, a saxophone, a drum kit. I'm going through a midlife crisis! I hope some friends will come around to form a band."

Source - Virgin media


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