A Surpise Twist & Max's Bribe

Lauren's trial dominates EastEnders in a fortnight's time, during the bank of episodes immediately following the dramatic week featuring Peggy's wedding to Archie and the Ronnie/Danielle reveal.

I say 'sort of', since it's not the only big storyline of the week. You'll have to wait until next Friday to learn more about that, though! There's a surprising story twist which I don't think many viewers will see coming. More on that one soon.

Anyway, doting father Max is desperate to ensure his daughter returns home following her trial, and attempts to secure as much help as he can by any means possible. However, with Stacey due to make her appearance in court, Max decides to offer Stacey a wad of cash on the promise that she'll lie under oath about what she saw on the night of his accident. Stacey, however, seems not to care less.

Will her conscience spring into action before it's too late?

Source - Digital Spy - Soap Scoop


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