Tanya & Max Kiss

Worried that they could miss a call from Lauren, Max and Tanya decide not to go to Peggy and Archie's ceremony. So, it comes as no surprise that there's another moment of connection between the pair - the last being the night Max was run over in October - leading to them sharing a kiss.

Tanya, however, freaks out and asks Max to leave. Has Max blown his chances again?

However, some may be pleased to hear that there's a potential new love interest for Tanya on the way to Walford in the form of a new doctor...

Dr. Al Jenkins - played by Adam Croasdell - is a new 'distraction' for the salon owner, but his fleeting initial appearance means that there's insufficient time for romance to truly blossom. But from what I hear, he'll more than likely be making a comeback a little later down the line. Al Jenkins will make his screen debut in the next couple of months.

Source - Digital Spy - Soap Scoop


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