EastEnders Jean on tough role

Gillian Wright - best known as EastEnders' Jean Slater - has admitted it's been difficult to transform the bit-part which started in 2004 into a fully fledged role.

The actress told Digital Spy: "It was quite hard to turn her from someone who was quite an intensive character to someone who could be watched on a regular basis."

The star also spoke about what's to come for Jean, hinting that her daughter Stacey's strange behaviour gets her worried.

She revealed: "Jean begins to see unexpected and erratic behaviour from Stacey - she starts acting a little like a naughty teenager.

"Jean's quite surprised by it all, but in her head, she just puts it down to the fact that her daughter's been through a lot over the last few months. She's worried, though."

Source - msn


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