George Lamb: 'My dad is not really evil'

George Lamb has said that people in the street presume his dad Larry is evil like his soap character.

The Big Brother's Little Brother host claimed that he is enjoying his father's career "renaissance" playing Archie Mitchell in EastEnders.

"When I was a little boy, my dad was always successful and I was always used to having people stop him in the street," he told DS.

"Then for one reason or another, he spent some time in the theatre and found himself out in the cold a little bit. It was weirder being around a dad who wasn't at the fore of it all. Now he's having this renaissance it's lovely."

He continued: "I get in cabs in the morning and people are like 'Oi! You better tell your old man he's evil'. I'm like guys, 'He's not evil, he's acting!'"

Lamb added that he was often given his dad's trademark evil stare when he misbehaved as a child.

"Oh yes, you got the look [when you were bad]," he said. "But his bark is worse than his bite, for sure."

Source - Digital Spy


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