Love Cheat Jack

It's a tale of two sisters in the Square, as Jack kisses Roxy - but then tells Max he loves Ronnie!

Jack starts the week at odds with both Mitchell girls. First, he tells Roxy he's filing for custody of baby Amy. When Ronnie finds out, she is furious!

Confronting Jack, she sneers he's nothing more than a sperm donor and warns him off.

Realising he's got to try and smooth things over with Roxy, Jack asks to see her alone.

Roxy turns up with his solicitor's letter about custody of Amy. But Jack takes it from her, rips it up, pulls her close - and kisses her!

Although Roxy may have other ideas, it seems Jack has decided to use her to stay close to his daughter.

"Jack doesn't want to be with Roxy by any stretch," explains Scott Maslen, who plays him. "He doesn't want to make a go of it with her - he just wants his rights as a parent."

Later, when Max sees Jack trying to talk to Roxy in The Vic, he goads his brother into a fight - before Ronnie breaks it up.

But when Max tells Jack to face up to his feelings, Jack admits to him that he still loves Ronnie!
"Jack wants to be with Ronnie," adds Scott. "No matter how many people tell them to stay apart, they'll always end up together.

"You can never say never with these two. As long as Ronnie and Jack are in Albert Square, there will be some kind of link."

Source - The Sun


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