Lovers Trott to Heather's aid

Heather Trott is left in a right state after having an asthma attack in the Square.

The loveable tubby one is panicked when she falls to the floor and struggles to breathe easily or find her inhaler.

In her poor state, Heather wheezes out a call for help which Walford witch Janine hears.

But headband-wearing Heather's breathing doesn't improve when ex-hubby Minty and previous crush Garry turn up.

When Janine finally totters over, she is of no use to Heather either and finds the situation amusing.

Luckily, Ben sees the commotion from his bedroom window and rushes out telling grouchy dad Phil he started Heather's attack after she accused him of leading her pal Shirley on.

Soon after, Dr Poppy Merritt arrives to take care of Heather and Minty leaves a message on Shirley's phone to let her know about her best chum's condition.

Heather has an asthma attack in EastEnders on Thursday 30 April on BBC One.

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Source - The Sun


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