Mitchell's Ron-in over dead Dani

Bereaved Ronnie Mitchell is so desperate to cling on to any of her dead daughter Danielle's relics that she pleads with Dani's adoptive father for one of her childhood toys.

The mouthy Mitchell club owner - played by Samantha Janus - heads to Danielle's childhood home to try and make amends with her adoptive dad Andy (Aneirin Hughes).

But the grieving parent doesn't want to hear Ronnie's excuses and blames Ronnie for the death of Danielle (Lauren Crace).

It's only when Ronnie confides that she knew nothing about Danielle being her daughter, that Andy relents and shares some of the dead youngster's memories with her.

As she leaves, Ronnie asks for a teddy bear to keep so she can put it on Danielle's grave.
Ronnie meets Danielle's adoptive dad on Tuesday 14 April, 7.30pm, BBC One

Source - The Sun


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