Nick's Out To Fleece Dot

Walford bad boy Nick Cotton arrives back in Albert Square intent on making Dot’s life a living hell once again.

Putting on his best dutiful son act, he offers Dot the big wad of cash he’d bribed off her after Christmas.

Telling her he made a massive mistake by trying to sell his own daughter Dotty, nasty Nick tries his hardest to convince Dot he’s a changed man.

Dot does her best not to fall for his story but she’s surprised and shocked he’s ­offered to pay her back and begins to think maybe he really has changed.

Our EastEnders insider said: “Last time Nick was back he threatened to take Dot’s grand-daughter to live in a caravan and ­endure the life of an outlaw unless Dot forked out tons of cash to keep her.

“But Dotty isn’t as innocent as she seems.

“Dot’s grand-daughter acts like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth but she has, in fact, been in secret contact with her father ever since he left. The two have been ­conspiring about ways they can get their hands on more money and even rob Dot of her entire life’s ­savings.

“It’s really a case of ‘like father, like daughter’ here and viewers will be ­surprised at how far the terrible twosome are ­willing to go in order to get what they want.

“Viewers will be left ­wondering if Dot will ­allow Nick back into her life and believe he is telling the truth.

“Or will she stand up for herself and ultimately save herself from being left high and dry?”
The dramatic episode will be screened on BBC1 on Thursday 23 April

Source - Daily Star


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