Peggy Wants Archie Dead

Look out, Archie ­ Peggy wants you dead! And when she gets her tough-guy son Phil involved, it looks like she might get her wish!

After the revelations at last week's wedding reception from hell, Peggy is determined not to take her lying husband back.

She orders Phil to get rid of every trace of the celebrations from The Vic.

And it's not just the presents Peggy wants gone ­ she tells Phil to murder Archie!

"After the wedding, Archie thinks he can sweet-talk Peggy round," says Larry Lamb, who plays him. "He doesn't believe that she would ever hurt him." First, Peggy calls Archie and asks him to come over ­then flings a bin bag holding every piece of clothing he's ever bought for her at him!

Later in the week, a van pulls up beside Archie and a masked man hauls him in.

Terrified Archie ends up at the Arches, blindfolded and with his hands bound ­ by Phil! First, Phil pretends he is holding a gun to Archie's head ­ then he threatens him with a blowtorch.

"Archie begs for his life," adds Larry. "He offers Phil all his savings to spare him." But Phil orders Archie into the garage pit and says he's going to fill it with concrete.

"This will be the first time we see Archie scared and vulnerable," explains Larry. "He realises everything is out of his control." Sobbing, Archie promises never to return to Walford if Phil lets him out, but Phil starts the cement mixer.

Will he carry out his mum's wish and bury Archie alive?

Source - The Sun


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