A shocking week for Heather Trott

Heather Trott is set to bear the brunt of Phil Mitchell's alcoholism in EastEnders.

On Monday, Phil gives the mild-mannered laundrette worker, played by Cheryl Fergison, a piece of his mind for telling Ben about his relationship with Shirley, so Heather locks him in the Arches until he sobers up.

She gets on the wrong side of the Mitchell again the following day when she offers to take Ben to school because his dad is clearly too drunk, prompting Phil to throw her out of The Vic and leading to more drama for Heather.

With her inhaler still in the pub, Heather suffers a serious asthma attack.

Fortunately, Janine raises the alarm and the doctor gets to her in time, but the medic is concerned by some of Heather's symptoms and sends her for a check-up, which reveals a huge surprise.

Source - msn


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