Stacey Branning's Mental Health Worries

Lacey Turner is worried about her character's mental health in 'EastEnders'.

The actress' character, Stacey Branning, is currently having mood swings, getting into debt and stealing money from those close to her.

Some of her behaviour can be put down to her grieving following the recent death of her friend Danielle Jones, but Lacey warns she's bottling up her feelings too much.

Lacey said: "Stacey isn't one for opening up and sharing her problems. She's bottling up her feelings and she isn't telling anyone. She always does this, puts up a front, pretends there's nothing wrong.

"But I can tell you, this time something really is. And things are going to get a lot worse for her."

There is also a history of mental problems in Stacey's family - her mother Jean was bipolar and suffered from bouts of extreme behaviour, which put extra strain on her as she struggled to look after her when growing up.

Stacey also explained she will soon steal money to impress Max - her father in law and former lover.

She added: "She offers Charlie £20 toward the Slater family's electricity bill, but then says she'll take all the cash and pay the bill. Charlie's not keen and Stacey gets paranoid and demands, 'you don't trust me or something?'

"She blows the money on a night out. She flashes Max the stolen cash and asks if he wants to join her, but he turns her down."

Source - Virgin Media


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