Steve McFadden Doesn't Play Himself

'EastEnders' actor Steve McFadden wants viewers to think he is Phil Mitchell in real life.

The soap star - who has appeared in the BBC1 show for 15 years -avoids doing interviews as himself because he finds it flattering when fans think he is just like his character.

He explained: "I take it as a compliment - I don't mind if people think I'm just like Phil.

"The reason I don't do many interviews is because I want to convince the audience that I am Phil. My job is to make what I do believable, and if I get taken for him, that's flattering. People never seem sure if I'm going to kick off at them when they approach me!"

The actor also said he is relieved to have his weekends free from work, because his current scenes - where Phil is battling alcoholism - are exhausting.

He said: "Put it this way, it's been a great relief to get to Friday night and be able to leave it all behind. Normally it's like slipping in and out of a pair of shoes, but the current episodes have been more like shedding a skin. It comes home with me a lot more because I've had to completely submerge myself in it."

Source - Virgin Media


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