Archie to threaten Phil's authority

Phil Mitchell's dwindling authority on Albert Square is set to be further hampered by the return of Archie, according to EastEnders star Steve McFadden.

The actor has recently filmed scenes showing Archie's return, with his character Phil appearing less than impressed after a recent battle with alcoholism.

"He doesn't like Archie and he's told him to leave, so the fact he's coming back, he's not going to be impressed and it undermines his authority on the Square so he's not gonna be happy," said Steve.

"I just see him across the square and tell him to go again," he continued.

Steve also said the depiction of Phil's return to alcoholism was realistic.

"I think that alcoholics are alcoholics, and they are always liable to fall foul of starting boozing again, so I always thought there was a possibility (Phil would turn to drink again)," said Steve.

Source - Virgin Media


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