Barbara Windsor's 'EastEnders' saviour

Barbara Windsor has credited 'EastEnders' with saving her life.

The actress - who plays Peggy Mitchell in the hit BBC soap - was best known for her roles in the 'Carry On' comedy films in the 1960s and 1970s and was terrified viewers would not take to her seriously in another role, until she started on the soap in 1994.

She said: "'EastEnders' didn't just revive my career - it saved my life. I was scared starting out on the show as when I first stepped on to the 'Carry On' set. I had to prove myself in a different world."

Despite being one of the country's best-loved stars, Barbara added she hates being given special treatment and loves the biggest thrill of making her fans happy.

She said: "A driver once came to get me apologised for not having blacked-out windows. But why would I want those? I might want to wave at someone having a bad day and cheer them up! That's what it's about for me."

Source - Virgin Media


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