Bianca and Whitney row

EastEnders' Bianca Jackson and step-daughter Whitney come to blows over her GCSE exams.

Whitney, played by Shona McGarty, is struggling to revise and tells Bianca, played by Patsy Palmer, there is no point in sitting her exams and she is bound to fail anyway.

Bianca manages to persuade Whitney that qualifications are important but is then furious when her teacher calls at the house that evening to tell her Whitney didn't turn up to sit any of her exams.

Bianca, who had organised a girls' night in for Whitney to celebrate sitting her IT exam, loses her temper and blames the teacher for not controlling her more.

The fiery-tempered mother and daughter then have a heated row and Bianca tells Whitney to get a job if she is not going to take school seriously or she will have to start paying her way around the house.

Source - Virgin Media


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