Bradley decides to leave Walford

When Stacey betrays him by meddling in his love life and Syd dumps him, Bradley decides to leave Walford for good!

But when Syd finds out, she reveals the truth behind why she ended it with him.

Their on-off romance takes a battering when Stacey gives Syd some advice on how to keep him happy. To her surprise, Stacey tells her Bradley has an ear fetish!

When he discovers what his ex has been up to, furious Bradley tells her to stay out of his life.

He's even more upset when Syd then says she doesn't want a relationship.

Bumping into Stacey in The Vic, Bradley accuses her of ruining everything ­ and spits out that he can't even bear to look at her.

Later, he visits Syd's place to talk her round ­ only to find another man there.

Gutted, he decides to leave Walford and stay with mates in Scotland. But just as he finishes packing, Syd turns up.

She is shocked to discover he's going ­ and even more surprised when he accuses her of seeing another fella.

When Syd promises all will become clear if he goes to her flat later, Bradley is confused. But as the taxi waits to take him to the airport, curiosity wins out and he goes to Syd's.

And when she opens the door, Bradley finally discovers what she has been hiding.

Source - The Sun


Anonymous said…
but does bradley come back later on?

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