Charlie wants Bradley to be player

Charlie Clements has admitted he would prefer his EastEnders character to play the field.

Bradley Branning is currently enjoying romance with Syd, but the actor says it'd be nice for him to be single for a while.

Charlie told Digital Spy: "We've never really seen Bradley not in a relationship, we've never really seen him go 'out there'."

He continued: "I'd quite like to see him go to a dark place to be honest and maybe go a bit off the rails."

However, until the soap's bosses decide to give us a glimpse of Bradley's wild side, Charlie is happy to have a new on-screen love interest in the shape of Syd, especially as she comes with a young son.

He explains: "There's more of a family unit with Bradley, Syd and Noah, as opposed to Bradley and Stacey.

"But whether they'll work as well as Bradley and Stacey, I don't know. It seems that Bradley and Stacey have become quite an iconic couple."

Source - Virgin Media


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